Fishing on the South Holston River

The South Holston River is deemed a premier trout fishing river that begins as a tailwater (water emanating from the bottom of the dam) of the South Holston Lake.  The cold, deep waters emanating from the dam ensure good fishing conditions year-round.  The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) generates water based on electric needs and water levels.  When the TVA is not generating, the river is ideal for wade fishing, seldom finding water over waist deep.  The river is approximately 80 yards wide and our river frontage abuts the TVA river frontage offering approximately one-mile of wade-able river to fish. 

During times of water generation, the river is ideal for float fishing with a guide.  They know the river and will offer an exciting fishing experience.  Biologists say that the river fish population exceeds 8,500 trout per mile.  Brown trout, which are the majority of the trout, are wild-trout (no longer stocked), while rainbow trout are still being stocked each year, though very plentiful.  

A sister river to the South Holston River is the Watauga River located just a few miles apart.  It, too, is a tailwater river emanating from Wilbur Dam on Watauga Lake.  It carries similar fishing conditions to the South Holston River with a stronger concentration of rainbow trout in the 12-16" range. 

Both the South Holston River and Watauga River can be fished year-round, though spawning grounds are protected during winter months.    March-August are great months for nymphing and topwater action.  Sulphur hatches on the South Holston and Caddis hatches on the Watauga River provide an exciting time to be on the water.  




*This independent video was filmed on and near our property

Tailwaters Lodge Float Fishing

Guided Floats

Float-fishing might be your best introduction to fly fishing.  Experienced guides provide your gear, tie your flies, net your fish, and even untangle your line (yes, it happens!). They will teach you how to cast, where to cast, when to set your hook, how to bring your catch into the net, and will even provide lunch!  All you have to do is catch fish!  Enjoy miles of beautiful river mixed with light rapids, slow peaceful pools, and shoreline cliffs.  Your guide will navigate all for you.  This is a terrific experience for parent-child, couples or good buddies.  Guides pick you up at our lodge promptly at 8am and return you at the end of the day.  Your guide will determine which river to fish based on their knowledge of the river that day.  We work with area guide services to provide the right experience for you.  

FULL DAY - $475/day/boat (two anglers)

HALF DAY - $375/half-day/boat (two anglers)

Tailwaters Lodge Wade Fishing

Wade Fishing

Experience the tranquility of the outdoors by spending a fun day on the river. Walk out of our lodge with your waders on, for a very short walk to the river. The river is seldom over waist deep when the TVA is not generating. You can wade up and down the river for over a mile and even across the river which is 80 yards wide without any difficulty. (We caution against wade fishing when TVA generation is occurring).  Enjoy the sparkle of the river, watch a heron glide over the water, and enjoy the backdrop of the nearby Appalachian Mountains while teasing a trout to take your fly.