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Premier Lodging & Guide Service on the South Holston River

The South Holston River is deemed a premier trout fishing river that begins as a tailwater (water emanating from the bottom of the dam) of the South Holston Lake. The cold, deep waters emanating from the dam ensure good fishing conditions year-round. When the TVA is not generating, the river is ideal for wade fishing, seldom finding water over waist-deep. The river is approximately 80 yards wide and our river frontage abuts the TVA river frontage offering approximately one-mile of wade-able river to fish. During times of water generation, the river is ideal for float fishing with a guide. They know the river and will offer an exciting fishing experience. Biologists say that the river fish population exceeds 8,500 trout per mile. Brown trout, which are the majority of the trout, are wild-trout (no longer stocked), while rainbow trout are stocked each year, though very plentiful.

We have partnered with the South Holston River Company, an Orvis endorsed guide service, to offer our lodgers the best fishing experience possible during their stay. To learn more about the partnership, click here.


Tailwaters Lodge is beautifully located on 540’ of the South Holston River, a tailwater just below the South Holston Dam, a prime spot for wade-fishing for wild brown trout and plentiful rainbow trout. And, the property abuts the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) public lands offering an additional mile of ideal wade fishing! You can also book a guided float as part of your lodging reservation with our partnered guide service South Holston River Company for no additional fee.

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Tailwaters Lodge currently offers many separate lodging quarters to meet your vacation needs. Each rental is equipped with a well-appointed kitchen with complimentary coffee, charcoal, and firewood. Whether you're a solo angler or a large group we would love to have you stay with us.

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